Celebrating One Year!

Celebrating One Year!

September 2023

I cannot believe it’s about to be the one-year anniversary of Lovely Days Gifts! This time last year I was nervous, questioning myself, excited, frazzled… all the things! Now, I am grateful, a little less nervous, questioning myself less, more excited, and a little less frazzled… I am entering this second year with renewed commitment and focus.  

Over the past year, you have been with me on this journey filled with passion and purpose. I couldn't have reached this milestone without your support.

My mission has always been to shine a spotlight on talented women entrepreneurs who pour their creativity, love, and dedication into their craft. In a world dominated by convenience, I’ve chosen a different path for my business by curating products that are lovingly handcrafted and proudly not available on Amazon. These women have stories that inspire, uplift, and remind us of the power of dreams and determination. I will be highlighting them in upcoming newsletters, and hope to interview some as well! 

As we approach this anniversary, I invite you to join me in celebrating these remarkable makers and their creations. By choosing Lovely Days Gifts custom gift boxes, you're not just giving a beautiful present – you're supporting dreams, fostering empowerment, and creating community.

I have learned so much and I am excited to say I still love this! I get excited with each sale because I know someone is going to be gifted with the best. Every purchase, every share, and every mention makes a difference – not just to me, but to the lives of the incredible women behind these products.

To mark this milestone, I have a special offer for you: For the month of September, email subscribers get 15% off every purchase! Use code 1Anniverary15 to get this discount on your order. 

Thank you for being a part of this journey and for believing in the magic of meaningful gifts. Here's to many more years of spreading love, empowerment, and cherished memories.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Teri Day

Founder, Lovely Days Gifts


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