How it works

We are making gift giving and receiving an experience...

Gift giving - There is joy in giving. But sometimes, there can be stress to find the perfect gift. We endeavor to provide an experience that is steeped in joy. In our marketplace, you can enter with confidence knowing that every gift is hand picked, tried and tested for quality. Each product is sourced from small business makers, who create with love and care. You are supporting women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ community. Not only are you giving something beautiful to a loved one, but you are supporting marginalized communities as well. Even the packaging has been designed with care. We want you to look at the box and want to know what you can put in it, to give to either yourself or someone else. Gift giving with Lovely Days is a way to bring the joy to giving and support to communities that need it most.

Gift receiving - When someone receives a box from Lovely Days, it comes with excitement from the knowledge that they are receiving curated, unique finds that cannot be found in large marketplaces like Amazon. Each item is unique and hand-selected. Not every maker gets a spot in the box, so you know that you are receiving the best. And who doesn’t like a good unboxing? Our boxes are of good quality and each item in the box is carefully placed. There is information regarding each maker so the receiver can learn about the product, the maker, and know where to go to buy more. Receiving a gift will never have felt so fulfilling as when you receive a Lovely Days gift box.


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