Corporate & Client Gifts

Corporate & Client Gifts

I am excited to announce that I am adding holiday corporate and client gifts! Whether the need is for a coworker, employee, or client, we have you covered! I will be accepting pre-orders through November 1, 2023 (unless we sell out). As always, I offer FREE LOCAL DELIVERY. Orders will go out in December. But if you need an order sooner, just let me know and I’ll do everything I can to accommodate earlier delivery. 

This thoughtfully curated box goes beyond the simple (and often stressful) act of giving and the commodification of the holidays. Giving the Lovely Days Gifts Corporate Box embodies the essence of community, and support of local, Bay Area California, small businesses. 

 Each item in the box tells a story of collaboration and dedication. It includes honey, a soy wax candle, and essential oil room spray. A perfect harmony of the senses! 

Local Honey - The honey is harvested in Alamo, CA by Bri with Regenerative Lives. I love this quote on her website because it is perfectly in line with my business values: “There is nothing more important than connecting to our community!”

I met Bri through a women’s business mastermind group and she is a pure soul. Her mission is to help provide children and their communities with the knowledge and resources to build a more regenerative world. Regeneratives Lives is a nature based program for children, located on a 1.3 acre suburban permaculture food forest in the Bay Area. She harvests the honey that is included in these boxes. 

IG: @regenerative_lives

Local Hand-poured Soy Wax Candles - These luxury candles are hand-poured in Alamo by Fiamma Candles. A breast cancer survivor, a portion of all of her candle sales goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. 

I met Lorena at a local Maker’s Market. The scent of her candles brought me to her, but her spirit is what sold me on partnering with her. Her candles provide a delicate scent and cast a warm, inviting glow to any room. Soy wax is non-toxic and cleaner-burning. Made without carcinogens, phthalates,  or pollutants means they are less likely to trigger allergies and headaches. I personally love to burn these candles while working. The scent actually helps bring peace to my stressful work environment. 

IG: @fiamma_candles

Essential Oil Room Spray - Luxe room spray handcrafted using organic essential oils in the East Bay, by Aquila Grayscale. Grayscale comes from her degenerative eye disease, which, among other issues, causes difficulty in seeing colors. However, she is a master at creating scents that transcend spaces into sanctuaries. I got a chance to chat with her and hear her story and she is a strong warrior. 

I searched high and low for the perfect room/linen spray and it’s been harder than I would’ve thought! After trying many, I found Aquila and enlisted the help of a few good friends to test her product. I am excited to include these in the box to round out the offering. 

IG: @aquila_grayscale

When you give this gift you are not just giving a box of products, you are giving a piece of the local community, a representation of shared values, and a commitment to small businesses that form the backbone of our economy. Your choice is a celebration of shopping local, celebrating local artisans, and fostering meaningful connections. 

Again, I am accepting pre-orders through November 1, 2023 and I offer FREE LOCAL DELIVERY. Orders will go out in December. Each box retails at $59.99. Contact me at or (510) 812-6402 to place your order. 

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