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Charm & Glow Duo

Charm & Glow Duo

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The celebration gift box is a charming collection of joy, including three Grey + Elle bracelets and a soy wax candle from Fiamma Candles.

Grounding Bracelet - The energy properties of smokey quartz are said to help ground you to the earth. Wear this bracelet to expel fear, lift negativity, and bring emotional calmness. 

New Beginnings Bracelet - Moonstone helps to process, accept, and bring emotional balance. Wear this bracelet to remind you to embrace the new chapters in life and not fear what is ahead. The seven gold beads represent the 7 chakras of the body. 

Goldie Bracelet

Fiamma Candle (Grapefruit  & Mint, or Yuzu Hinoki)

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