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Taste Craft Box

Taste Craft Box

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This versatile box is perfect for those who relish the experience of discovering and savoring new and exquisite flavors. The combination of artisan loose-leaf tea, locally sourced honey, specialty seasoning, and olive oil offers a diverse range of taste sensations that will appeal to their sophisticated palate. Hella Tea; Wood Fairy (Regenerative Lives) honey, A Bite of Good gourmet seasoning, and Fancy Peasant olive oil. Also includes a gold or silver tea diffuser/spoon, a wooden honey dipper, and a bamboo spice spoon.  

Tea Options - Steep Curry (Black), Sick Wit It (Herbal), '93 Til Infitea (Green)

Seasoning Options - Good on Everything Rub, Italian Countryside, Ultimate Everything Bagel, Sgt. Lemon Pepper

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