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Executive Retreat Gift Box

Executive Retreat Gift Box

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Introducing the Executive Retreat Box, curated with the utmost care for the discerning client. Elevate your gift-giving experience with this thoughtfully curated gift, designed to impress. Perfect for a thank you gift, a new client onboarding, or for a promotion. 


Fiamma Candle - Illuminate the path to success with this luxury candle, radiating warmth and sophistication. Lighting a candle while working bring calm to the work place allowing the perfect environment for focus.  (10 oz soy wax candle)

Aquila Grayscale Essential Oil Room Spray  - Transform any office or work area into a haven of focus with this gently scented room spray. Elevate the environment with each spray. (4 oz bottle) 

Wood Fairy (Regenerative Lives) Unfiltered Locally (Alamo, CA) Harvested Honey - This is a tasteful addition to any pantry, symbolizing abundance and prosperity. It's the perfect accompaniment to this gift box. (4 oz)

Includes a wooden honey stirrer and glass vial of matches.

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