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Luxurious Bath & Spa Duo

Luxurious Bath & Spa Duo

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Perfect for anyone who appreciates a balanced and luxurious bathing experience. Contents come in a signature gift bag and include two high quality natural bath soaps from Among the Flowers, two microfiber wash cloths, and two bamboo soap dishes. Each batch of soap is made by hand with completely natural ingredients, poured in small batches in their studio. Then cut and wrapped with great care! Choose from:

Blood Orange & Rose - A citrus lather with cleansing and nourishing rose clay and rose petal topper. 

Pink Grapefruit - A mineral rich infusion of Himalyan Pink salt, Rose Clay, and uplifting Grapefruit essential oil.

Lavender - A calming blend of rich botanical oils, lavender buds and essential oil. 

Moonshadow - An out of the earth blend of essential oils and clay for a detoxifying and fresh clean. 

Detox - For a deep cleanse that draws impurities from the body through your pores with activated charcoal and antimicrobial essential oils. 


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